Day 17 – Boundary Bend to Robinvale

_IGP2303We head off to Robinvale passing Manie State Forest. The river is getting wide and reasonably deep to cruise along with not too much snags. It was very windy today which produced choppy waves almost throughout the journey.

Little Eagle
Little Eagle

IMGP8635 We saw what appeared to be wild goats, lots of pelicans and ducks (mainly Wood Ducks) plus lots of unknown ducks as they fly off before Kiam could try to identify them.

Pelican in flight
Pelican in flight



The river banks at this section are infested with Parrot’s Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum). At one stage Kiam had difficulty getting the boat back to deep water after coming into the bank due to the mass of aquatic weeds.


We finally arrived at Robinvale in the early afternoon after a bumpy, but quick trip of 5 hours.



Gill and Dad managed to get a free cabin donated to us by Robinvale Riverside Caravan Park. This is helping us greatly as it is getting really hot here at Robinvale. The generosity of people continues to touch us deeply. Tomorrow we will face 40 plus degree temperatures.

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