Day 27 – Border Cliffs to Renmark

We drove back to Border Cliffs to launch our boat and resume our journey on the Murray. The morning was chilly but calm so we took it easy and enjoyed the day on the Murray. We reached Lock 6 but had to sound horns and drove around to attract the attention of the lock master as we had no phone reception. Slight delay but the Lock Master was very friendly and we passed without any problems.

We had a mission today at Chowilla creek to deliver a stack of newspapers with an article on Ron’s camp. This article was written in 2006 by Alan Erskine, a retired journalist who graciously invited us to stay at his house in Colignan (see Day 20).

Mildura Weekly - first page
Mildura Weekly – first page

Mildura Weekly - second page
Mildura Weekly – second page

Mildura Weekly - third page
Mildura Weekly – third page

This last stack of newspapers had been kept since 2006 to be delivered to Ron’s camp for the circulation of interested visitors. Jasmine symbolically watered Ron’s cedar tree – which no longer exists. We had tea and snacks there before heading back on the Murray to continue our journey.

As we continue, the sight we were waiting for emerged through the trees. It was the golden cliffs (Heading Cliffs) and we had to stop and immerse ourselves within the colours and splendour of the cliffs bedside the river.

Again sightings of birds, kangaroos and emus were common and we would stop to observe them from a distance.

Red Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo
Red-rumped parrot
Red-rumped parrot

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