Day 36 – Murray Bridge to Goolwa

We set off a bit earlier today as the weather was calm and we want to go through Lake Alexandrina safely. This lake is renown for high waves and unsuspecting weather changes; making this section the most dangerous. We have been told numerous time on the treachery of the lake and how dangerous it can be as it has been known to produce 2.5m waves. Locals seem to avoid going through it, making us very nervous. But to get the the mouth of the Murray, we had to pass it.

The lake is very shallow and we got depths of about 2-3m. We head to Milang, the only town around the shores of the lake and had to call for assistance as fuel was running low. This is because by the time we got there the winds picked up and  that generated 1-1.5m waves. The lake is very wide and long, making us feel venerable like we were in the open ocean. Our destination was no where in sight as it was over the horizon. We had not seen any other boat in the lake. To make matters worst the rough conditions make the ride very uncomfortable. At parts we had to slow down as the waves were high and pounding on the boat constantly.

As we head closer to the channels towards Goolwa, we saw two seals rolling around the waves. We had to stop to take some photos. Lake Alexandrina is a freshwater lake and so seeing seals there is a novelty.

Eventually we made it to Goolwa with great relief. Tomorrow we head to the Murray mouth.

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