Day 37 – Finished – Murray Mouth

Yesterday we completed our journey finally reaching the mouth of the Murray. River Spirit’s hull finally tasting the salt waters of the Southern Ocean.

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Our final day was short as we made our way through our last barrage/lock and on the other side greeted by two seals and an abundance of sea birds as we head towards the Murray Mouth passing the Coorong National Park. _IGP9021 _IGP9029

The smell of salt water in the summer’s air confirming we had made it after travelling over 2,200kms down the Mighty Murray River. I struggled to locate my emotions as joy and sorrow immediately followed as soon as River Spirit was turned around to head back to shore. While home is calling me as I count the hours in seeing my beloved family and fur babies, I am not tired of the river and could linger here forever.


The absolute highlight and surprise of the day was when we met with the Mayor of Alexandrina Council, Keith Parkes and Frank Tuckwell from the Goolwa National Trust. _IGP4073We were presented with a certificate which confirms that our journey will be forever documented with Inland Rivers National Marathon Register at Goolwa National Trust.
We felt completely honoured and moved. Our children and grandchildren will be able to visit the museum in Goolwa in the future and see our names and details of our journey.


I was simply elated to know our journey will be held in a museum by the National Trust. We sincerely thank Frank who spent considerable time with us in explaining how the register works and the many stories of the Murray River after spending a life on the river and welcoming all who made the journey. Frank’s time made all the more special as he came to greet us after losing his wife only a few weeks ago.

In completing our final blog documenting our journey I would like to share a poem I wrote one evening earlier up the river. Our last blog will be the tally of funds raised along our travels which will hopefully be posted in the next couple of days. Thanks to all who have followed our journey over the 2200kms.

Murray River Spring Lullaby

The Murray River she sings me a sweet lullaby

Her melody drifts through the bush with the longings of spring as kookaburras above echo her tune in the morning’s sunlight.

As the sun’s rays dance on the rustic brown waters beckoning the wildlife to greet her in the promise of new life.

Mother with joey in toe drink at the river’s edge knowing the Murray’s season of spring will replenish their thirst.

Emu joins the sweet lullaby of the Murray’s morning as he makes his way out of the shadows of the shaded red river gums walking gently on spring’s new vegetation covering the earth.

Eagle soars on the breeze of the morning’s wind following the currents downstream watching for his morning feed.

Oh sweet lullaby of the Murray’s spring with her great wisdom to the cycle of life.

How you sing to my spirit from the home of the fairy wren, dragon fly and cormorant basking in the sun on a stump reaching out of the water’s depths.

Your music resurrects my soul in the magic of spring as the renewal of the bush fills me with hope as the Murray’s melody sings me her lullaby on a spring’s morning light.

By Dianne Yoong     

9 thoughts on “Day 37 – Finished – Murray Mouth”

  1. Well done you!!!.
    Sensational achievement…I’ve enjoyed following your journey. The pictures along the way have been amazing and a great insight into the life and wonders of the Murray.

  2. What an absolutely stunning poem Dianne. You have truly captured the essence of your experience and the beautiful Murray River. Yes it will be difficult for you to return to normal life but you have never accepted ‘normal’. Your exciting life will continue as you have always been open to adventures. But in the interim I think I’m going to need to glue you to a chair at least for a little while. Seriously sweetheart I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of my adorable friend. Yes you experienced some scary obstacles but all the prayers of family and friends meant that you were always safe and protected from all harm.
    Can’t wait to see you again to give you the biggest gig and kiss. Love you so very much with all my heart! MWAH…?? Talk soon, Antonella xo ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Thanks my darling friend for your lovely words. Yes you might have to glue me down as my mind is still in go mode but my body tied 🙂 I also can’t wait to see you and spend some time together. Will call when home next week. All my love always xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I’ve been following your journey. Well done and congratulations. Thanks for sharing the poem .. and your journey: its very rich. Go well. Jonathan

    1. Hi Jonathan, so happy to read that you have been following our journey. What a journey its been. We have been in storms, heat wave, floods and tornado’s. Almost sounds biblical!!!! I’m sure there is a lesson in there which this time around has not been lost 🙂 Hope my message finds you well. Di

  4. Congragulation! Such a fantastic life experiences and wonderful journey you have all had. We are so proud of you and are glad to have you coming home! Xx

  5. Congragulation! Such a fantastic life experiences and wonderful journey you have all had. We are so proud of you and are glad to have you coming home!

  6. I have been following your adventure down the mighty Murray. I have read of your encounters with nature at it’s wildest, and it’s softest,.. of the wildlife. Your journey is truly something to be forever proud of. Best wishes for the future.

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