Tiwi – Goose Creek to Milikapiti

Self-sufficient living has kept us busy hence why our blogging is so delayed. Not to mention that we were off the grid for the first few days. We have since moved from Goose Creek to Milikapiti. Bushy felt he would feel more comfortable having us closer to his home so he can keep an eye on us. I equally feel safer knowing he is now a shorter distance away. We are now camping by the sea with a whole new landscape to enjoy. Nevertheless we are still sharing our days and nights near crocs as now we see them swimming by our camp site with eyes glowing in the evenings.

Anyway stay turned as more adventure to come once we are home and have our film night sharing our experiences on the Tiwi Islands. This night will be a fundraiser for Kiss Goodbye to MS showcasing all the highlights of the Tiwi Islands. So our blogs this time around will be shorter in duration and less descriptive than the Murray River expedition last year. So please enjoy some of our photos as a taster to this incredible journey. See photos for descriptions of our locations and the wonderful people we have met thus far. Until we write again in a few days enjoy Kiam’s amazing photography.

Bracing for the adventure of a lifetime.

Things progressing for our adventure of a lifetime. All happy at home except our 12 year old daughter. While we endeavour to tick off our to do list such as securing sponsorship, completing our website, sourcing a support team and so on, our 12 year old worries about how she will do her hair, avoid snakes and survive weeks camping with her parents with no IPad, mobile, TV. Bless her! It’s all relative I guess. I’m equally beginning to wonder what was I thinking when I decided to embark on our adventure – weeks with hubby & a pre- adolescent in the bush. Identifying as a Buddhist I think I will need a new mantra to deal with those meltdown moments. Or just lots of meditation by the river.

Adventure of a lifetime fishing on the Murray - Big Murray cod in Swan HillHubby on the other hand is on his own mission with an agenda. To finally catch a fish.  Yes he has never caught a fish yet has managed to lose two rods off the back of the boat. And that’s was over one holiday Christmas period. He thinks fish in the Murray is a fable and all the advertising material shown in glossy tourist brochures a conspiracy as they don’t exist. Of course being a mere male it can’t be that he just hasn’t been lucky or using the wrong bait. Speaking of which he has used corn, cheese, chips, prawn, plastic bait of all shapes and sizes and dim sim to lure this elusive fish. Yes you read correctly a dim sim from the fish & chip shop. I should note the obvious he hasn’t used worms as he doesn’t want to take any from our home worm farm as apparently they are like our pets!!

This weekend was taken up with trying to fish at an alternative location – Lake Eildon. The statement in the morning was I will definitely catch something today. Again nothing!  Oh he did manage to pull out a stick. Stick fish at Lake EildonCheck out the photo to see my dilemma. Not until he catches a fish on the Mighty Murray will I ever hear the end of it. So for those of you who are religious please pray he catches one within the first week of our journey in order to preserve my sanity. For those who can shed any light on how to catch a real fish please feel free to provide advice below.  Please, I beg you. P.S.  Any advice on surviving the child also welcome.