Day 14 – Swan Hill

A day relaxing in Swan Hill.


My brother & his wife came up from Melbourne to visit and cook for us all. On the menu was BBQ steak, salads and gourmet sausages. Yummy!!

_IGP2078Went down to do some fishing and grandpa (my dad) caught the first fish of the trip – a Murray Cod. Kiam was quick to take the picture and let it go. Dad was very happy with himself and we are still hearing about it as I suspect we will for the remaining weeks.


_IGP2050 _IGP2075The afternoon was spent doing haircuts!! Gill or as we are tenderly calling him Uncle Gill wanted me to shave his hair off which was followed by my brother wanting a haircut too after seeing my skill with the shaver.

_IGP2069Mind you both had seen what I did to my dog Ollie and still insisted I shave them.

One thought on “Day 14 – Swan Hill”

  1. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time….. Good on grandpa for catching the first fish!!!! And I agree with him, Kiam you should of cooked it. Fresh murry cod, yum! Guys,uncle Michael and Gil, taking a risk there with those clippers lol….did you see the pics of Ollie. Love to you all and missing you heaps xoxoxoxo

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