Tiwi – Snake Bay

With the right tides, we managed to cruise around Snake Bay. We explored Johnson Point looking for porpoises but found schools of bone fish surrounding our boat. It was a spectacular sight just drifting with them (literally a few metres away from us) on a very glassy calm sea.

We explored beautiful creeks filled with mangroves. It was so serene, calm and so rich with life in these areas. With the tides quickly receding (tides can vary between 7 meters here) we head back to Milikapiti but had to stop over at a reef to try to catch our dinner. A few big huge bites were missed but eventually Kiam landed a shark.

Cape Lavery is one of our favorite places. In this area you can see the ”Pukumani poles” around the grave of an elder of the Mungatopi clan in Karslake. Karslake is the Island off Cape Lavery (Purrampunali) and this is where the Tiwi people first encounter Europeans; the Dutch in 1705. Karslake is also a place to see turtles and collect big oysters.

Tiwi – Taracumbi Falls and Fishing

Heat, rain and humidity is something we constantly battle every day. While crocs are always on our mind, attacks from sandflies and mosquitoes are a daily occurrence and cause much pain and itch round the clock. Relief came from our visits to Taracumbi Falls; a magical place with cool water and small pools above the falls. We also spend some time looking for dugongs at Pretty Flower a known sea grass feeding area for dugongs. Did not see any but saw a large shark swimming near the surface.

Our friend and host Bushy and Tommy, Andrew (aka Wolfie) and Emma with both their kids took us fishing near our camp during upcoming tide. At one stage it became very hairy as the tide came in and cornered us. Bushy had to round us up as we wade through croc infested waters to get to high ground. We got some large mullet and some whiting. On two occasions, Bushy’s line was practically pulled into the water and while fighting the fish, the line snapped on both occasions. Monsters must be lurking in the mangroves.

Please enjoy some pictures below.

Tiwi – Goose Creek to Milikapiti

Self-sufficient living has kept us busy hence why our blogging is so delayed. Not to mention that we were off the grid for the first few days. We have since moved from Goose Creek to Milikapiti. Bushy felt he would feel more comfortable having us closer to his home so he can keep an eye on us. I equally feel safer knowing he is now a shorter distance away. We are now camping by the sea with a whole new landscape to enjoy. Nevertheless we are still sharing our days and nights near crocs as now we see them swimming by our camp site with eyes glowing in the evenings.

Anyway stay turned as more adventure to come once we are home and have our film night sharing our experiences on the Tiwi Islands. This night will be a fundraiser for Kiss Goodbye to MS showcasing all the highlights of the Tiwi Islands. So our blogs this time around will be shorter in duration and less descriptive than the Murray River expedition last year. So please enjoy some of our photos as a taster to this incredible journey. See photos for descriptions of our locations and the wonderful people we have met thus far. Until we write again in a few days enjoy Kiam’s amazing photography.