With the right tides, we managed to cruise around Snake Bay. We explored Johnson Point looking for porpoises but found schools of bone fish surrounding our boat. It was a spectacular sight just drifting with them (literally a few metres away from us) on a very glassy calm sea.

We explored beautiful creeks filled with mangroves. It was so serene, calm and so rich with life in these areas. With the tides quickly receding (tides can vary between 7 meters here) we head back to Milikapiti but had to stop over at a reef to try to catch our dinner. A few big huge bites were missed but eventually Kiam landed a shark.

Cape Lavery is one of our favorite places. In this area you can see the ”Pukumani poles” around the grave of an elder of the Mungatopi clan in Karslake. Karslake is the Island off Cape Lavery (Purrampunali) and this is where the Tiwi people first encounter Europeans; the Dutch in 1705. Karslake is also a place to see turtles and collect big oysters.


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