Heat, rain and humidity is something we constantly battle every day. While crocs are always on our mind, attacks from sandflies and mosquitoes are a daily occurrence and cause much pain and itch round the clock. Relief came from our visits to Taracumbi Falls; a magical place with cool water and small pools above the falls. We also spend some time looking for dugongs at Pretty Flower a known sea grass feeding area for dugongs. Did not see any but saw a large shark swimming near the surface.

Our friend and host Bushy and Tommy, Andrew (aka Wolfie) and Emma with both their kids took us fishing near our camp during upcoming tide. At one stage it became very hairy as the tide came in and cornered us. Bushy had to round us up as we wade through croc infested waters to get to high ground. We got some large mullet and some whiting. On two occasions, Bushy’s line was practically pulled into the water and while fighting the fish, the line snapped on both occasions. Monsters must be lurking in the mangroves.

Please enjoy some pictures below.

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Tess · 27 September 2016 at 10:43 pm

What stunning photos!

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