Yesterday was a disaster for us and a setback to our plans. It was a hot and windy day at our site and in a distant we saw a white haze/cloud above the river. Within seconds, we were hit by a mini tornado which lasted for seconds. Our completely pegged tent with a carload of gear was picked up and flipped over, bending and breaking joints and poles, and ripping zippers and putting some holes in the canvas. Gill’s gazebo flew up and wrapped around a tree. This was followed by rain and we had to pick up pieces and load stuff into our boat and car. Looking around, we were the worst hit and must have been in the centre of the tornado. We packed up and paid for a cabin for the night. It must be a feature of this area and locals as we now know are aware of this occurrence.

_IGP3470We now don’t have a tent and have to work out something for the rest of the journey. We continue as planned on the water to Loxton while Gill and dad worked on our accommodation.

The morning was not too bad but got very very windy by late morning to the afternoon. We had big waves on the river in sections facing the wind and in channels. To make matters worst, this section is full of sand bars often covering 80% width of the river. It was strange seeing pelicans in the middle of the river, ‘walking on water’. At one stage we almost got stuck in a middle of the river and had to reverse to find an alternative route. Unknown to us we had collected a big bunch of weeds in the boat’s propeller leg. The boat handled strangely and Kiam had to turn the engine off and removed the weeds.



Fairy Martins live here. Looks like something from the ‘Hobbit’.

We still managed to poke our heads out when we see something interesting to take some pictures.

IMGP9391IMGP9422There were many spoonbills in this section, heaps of pelicans and now more terns sighted. I suppose we are closer to the sea with only 490 kms to the mouth of the Murray River. Can’t believe we are have traveled so far.

Eagle's nest

Eagle’s nest. There is a chick there in the top nest. Click to enlarge.

Gill and dad had found a cabin for us for the night. Tomorrow we head to Waikerie some 107kms away.

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Evette Quinlan · 2 December 2015 at 3:41 pm

Glad to hear all is going well under the circumstances and the you go accomadation for the night! On the home stretch now…. Will be home in 8 days!

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Day 32 – Loxton to Waikerie

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