We decided to purchase a tent for the remainder of our expedition and drove to a camping shop in Berri at 9am. They were very helpful and gave huge discounts on our new tent after learning of our plight and fundraiser.We then had to drive to Loxton to continue our journey hence we were a little late this morning. As we have to pass Lock 3 by 11.30am (morning closing time) some 65 kms away; we had to speed up without any sightseeing. We just made it at 11.30am and we were on our way again. We stopped by at the Overland Corner Hotel (built 1859) and had lunch thinking it was a quick hour or so to get to Waikerie. Were we mistaken; we came across many cliffs along the way and had to stop and admire them. They were breathtaking; colourful, majestic, and ancient. Trees were growing out of crevices. On a Cave Cliff, we went in close and was mesmerised by what we saw close up; ferns and plants growing in small caverns, swifts nesting in holes and building nest under overhangs, spider webs blanket parts of the wall face, etc. We could continue exploring but had to continue to Waikerie. The next day we head to Blanchtown another 107 kms away.

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Evette Quinlan · 3 December 2015 at 12:13 pm

Sounds like a stressful morning! But happy about the tent 🙂 missing you all heaps now!!!

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