When I began planning for this trip I found myself stating to others that the expedition on the Murray would also be a spiritual journey. At the time I had little idea what shape this would take or what I actually meant. For example would I meditate, keep a diary on my reflections as we travelled along or indulge in reading my Buddhist teachings to inspire personal growth. I have done none of the above or tried to define what a spiritual journey should entail. Rather I have opened myself to simply being in the day, allowing my soul to be moved by nature in all her glory and open to wherever she takes me.

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Just like the sunrise this morning when I open my tent and enter the day. The still waters provide a mirror refection of the trees as a lone kangaroo made her way to the river’s edge to take water after a scorching hot night.


The atmosphere takes an eerie orange glow as the sunlight bounces off the stone ledges almost creating a sensation of all being surreal. My mind is cast back to the day of my beloved grandmother’s funeral. I vividly remember walking up to her cask where she lay to see a soft white veil laid gently over her face. I lean down and tenderly kiss the veil not wanting to push it against her face as the contact would only reinforce that she was indeed deceased if I were to feel her lifeless lips. However by kissing the fabric gently, leaving a space between us I could imagine life and death to merely exist as a thin line between the two, as if she had simply slipped into another room. This morning felt the same.


The image before me so beautiful and miraculous that if I could just slip into it and dwell there, all of nature’s wonders would be revealed. It’s a moment; just a moment where a euphoric energy fills me. This is not the first time the river has given me this gift or as I believe a spiritual moment.


Our tent


Dianne at Alan’s shed, Colignan


Inside Alan’s shed




Monitor lizard

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Evette Quinlan · 22 November 2015 at 6:30 pm

Some really amazing pics Kiam! Can’t wait to see them all when you get back 🙂

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