There were so many raptors on this journey. Most common is the Black Kite, flying so effortlessly and scooping down on prey. Even the magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle was seen many times and once Kiam had to brake and toot the car horn to scare it off from the centre of the road (it was eating road kill). They are not as agile and fast as the Black Kite due to their size and its no wonder we saw the remnants of one on the road. Drivers should slow down but the speed limits on the Stuart Hwy are limitless on some stretches and 130km/hr for most of the way; making it difficult and dangerous to swerve or brake suddenly.

We arrived at our final leg on the Explorer’s Way (Stuart Hwy) in Darwin. We took the opportunity to head to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market and watched the sun go down over the horizon.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our trusty 4WD and our boat as they head off first via a barge to the Tiwi Islands. Our passenger ferry will take us there in the next few days. Our survival on the island starts then. Stay tuned in the next few days.


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